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On and Off page SEO, Site Audits, Search Analytics, PPC, PPV, Social, Press Releases, Media Buys, Graphic/Video Design, Music Composition....plus lots of other stuff!

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Leave the hard stuff to us - you can take the credit!

10+ years experienced in SEO

For the last decade, we have seen all the Google changes. The only strategies we use are the ones that Google are happy with. We even have a webpage ranking page 1 for the last 5 years - without even touching it!

"Google is all about Local Search these days..."

We can agree that this is indeed the case, but we at mySEOroom discovered that global search results can still happen - only if you know which strategies to use. Nothing Black Hat, but if you look deep enough into the Google rules, you'll find out how to switch this feature ON/OFF. It's almost like having the keys to the kingdom!

 Our Story

Our Story

We are an elite crew of highly experienced SEO boffins with decades of experience between us. Most of us just focus on a handful of highly successful affiliate campaigns to pay the rent - but we are getting bored now and feel like giving back some of our highly guarded secrets that continue to work for us to this day.

Happy Customers

We are not ones to brag here, but between us, some companies we have worked for include, Yamaha, Canon, Universal, Sony, Warners, Philips, WPP, Bigpond, and dozens more...

We suggest whatever tips we decide to share with you, write it down. Agencies will normally charge you $'000.00 for the same info.