Welcome to mySEOroom

This has been a long time coming as I’ve been purely doing other clients more than my own projects.
I am also a music producer/composer which has been my main bread n butter since I was a teenager…..but that is another discussion!

What you will find here will be a combination of well over a decade’s worth of trials and tribulations as I hack into Google’s search algo looking for all the Yes & No’s for my website projects.

Nothing is held back – I will be only speaking truth, and not try to sell you on anything unless I have tested it extensively before hand.

Recently, I replied to some posts on Linkedin about whether Google Search Console was any good. But as expected, competitor agency ‘experts’ were trying to dictate to me how great it is!

That is normal – especially when their livelihoods depend on it – having many clients tied up on their Google Analytics accounts – (& being Google Partners) lol:))

Well, Ive been using GA since it was born – & it’s a love hate relationship. I have and still use it for smaller purposes – but I am more of a fan of other analytics tools I find much better and quicker with the data parsing, which I will go into more detail on another post.

Basically, many methods and concepts here will open eyeballs both eagerly and angrily as I have tested so many things, Blackhat, WhiteHat, GreyHat and OldHat – whatever your background is doesn’t concern me – I am just sharing my research data for your benefit, basically!

till next